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The Farmers - Vendors - Partners of Ours

We present our system (the engine behind Food-Pickup.Ca) as:
Professional - Flexible - Inexpensive - Complete
●  Professional - designed, built and maintained by IT professionals
●  Flexible - we can customize almost every aspect of the website to best match the specifics of your business
●  Inexpensive - you pay our small commission only if you sell; the initial setup and ongoing maintenance are always free
●  Complete - we handle every technical activity, so you can focus on your business
Please allow us to introduce our current partners:

Bees Universe - Innisfil, Ontario
Beekeeping & Beeproducts, Free Range Fresh Eggs
●  Bees Universe is a small bee farm located in Innisfil, ON. They have around 1000-1500 beehives (depending on the winter surviving and weather conditions) in 25-35 locations, between Richmond Hill and Barrie.
●  Loving their work, even if it comes with many challenges beyond stings: pesticides, bee mites, and competition from cheap imported honey; all make it very hard to earn a livelihood.
●  They also enjoy their small flock of chickens, free range on their land and their even smaller flock of ducks; they definitely enjoy and want to share with you, the yummy and fresh eggs (chicken and duck).
●  When our partnership with BEES UNIVERSE began, this past April, they used to deliver to just 3 locations.
●  Now, buyers who order from them can chose among 6 locations in Toronto
●  Bees Universe delivers every Thursday to 875 Dufferin St. and to 1300 Gerrard St. East
●  Every Saturday they deliver to 4 locations: 125 Jefferson Ave, 144 Pinewood Ave, 80 Ellsworth Ave, 90 Northnile Rd
●  Every Saturday they have a stand at Evergreen Brick Works Farmers Market, between 9 am and 1 pm
●  Their list of products includes about 40 items
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